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Domestic Container Conversions


This one is truly special, an externally cladded and aesthetically pleasing converted swimming pool which screams luxury when sunk and dressed into your backyard with Perspex openings allowing that beach blue water to sparkle in your very own back yard.


Teenagers will always think they know best, let’s face it, we did the exact same ourselves, let us provide you with the perfect solution, a home within a home, allowing your kids to fly the nest without leaving home, learning those all-important life skills and gaining maturity and independence as a young adult and in turn giving you piece of mind that you have done a fantastic job as a parent in preparing them for their very own home one day.


Let the creative juices flow with our sound proofed music studio, whether it’s a rave cave for the budding DJ /producer, or an elegant acoustic haven for the singer / music teacher, let us be part of that gift in bringing inspiring music to the world.


What is the secret to a happy marriage? Well, we don’t know, what we do know is that your other half will love spending time in our classic man caves, we can incorporate any design you so choose, and if he ever miss behaves, well, just hide the keys, win win.


This is one very close to our hearts; we take great pride and care in designing a warm, relaxing and engaging environment within our Sensory Rooms, a specifically designed space aimed to stimulate the senses, promoting de-escalation within a relaxing safe space. Sensory experiences are also great for promoting a range of developmental skills such as colour recognition, hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills.

Our multi-sensory rooms can be designed for Schools, Children’s Centres and Care Homes. They can be extremely useful for people with autism, sensory processing disorders, SEBD and PMLD, as well as many other disabilities.


A completely immersive environment with surround sound, specifically placed to make you feel like you are in the game, whether your scoring that match winning goal or setting up section attacks with the squad, you’ll love this gaming realm, the only problem we see with this is that you may never want to leave.


Picture this, the lights are dimmed, it’s snowing outside and it’s starting to lie against the patio door glass, but there you are, cosy in the warm cinema room with your family all snuggled up onto a massive bean bag and a big cup of hot chocolate whilst you watch your favourite Xmas classics.


Leave it all behind, enter your gym with the weight of the world on your shoulders and leave with that feeling we all love to hate, no more costly gym memberships, encourage family exercise and give yourself a solid routine that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine without traveling miles from your home. Additionally Mental illness is a real issue, with more and more people opening up and talking, go one step further than a coffee meet up and take that friend or family member in need of support through a safe and positive work out avoiding social anxiety and help them get back to strong health and the best version of themselves.