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Commercial Container Conversions


We have a long history within this industry, we fully understand that little voice & concern that constantly lies in the back of your mind, Is my trailer safe? Has it been damaged? Is it still there?

Well, let us provide you with a static, robust, secure and tracked fully equipped catering container at a very affordable price or if you prefer you can spread the cost and opt for the finance option to support your business during these tough economic times, we’ve got you covered.


No two construction projects are the same, we get that, let us design you the office space that best supports your project, maximising efficiency and productivity, so that when the pressures on to meet those deadlines, you’ll have the optimum space to drill down and get that project over the line.


We absolutely love designing & supplying these, although our fitters can’t be classed as beautiful, this sleek & glamorous business they design for driven young female entrepreneurs, is truly a beautiful product


Operating as a barber or a hair stylist is perhaps one of the most underrated skills there is, perhaps because it is such a natural necessity that we often take it for granted, but make no mistake, these highly skilled technicians work wonders for us with their scissors and top banter, we have helped countless hairdressers and barbers escape the high street “pay for the chair” becoming all they can be and setting up a professional business right at home where clients can come and buy into you personally, building up a long term client base with the freedom to become your own boss.


In the dog house! If you love animals as much as we do, you won’t even consider this as work, but again Dynamic spaces are right behind you in support to bespoke design your space, so that dogs will want to come back again and again.


2020 has been a steep learning curve for everyone, non-more so than businesses who had to close the doors at the beginning of the year and try to re-establish the new normal and regain productivity, that can be hard when the dogs barking or the kids have Peppa pig on repeat, So we offer the complete package with our home office design giving you that professional area where you can have your conference calls without interruption and continue performing at your best.


These designs have an infinite number of applications, ranging from festivals, construction sites , coastal beaches and local community sports fields, we are currently supplying these bespoke wash containers to some of Scotland’s drive in cinemas.


We can get extremely creative with these spaces and we absolutely love it, custom resin flooring and benches with whatever inserts your mind can think of, submerged flooring lights spelling out the artist name always commands attention, or how about locking in some of your own designs behind a resin door, you are only limited by your imagination with this space.